The Ultimate Diabetic Travel Kit For You- Top 5 Must-Haves

While traveling with diabetes is certainly possible, there are several things you should consider before heading out. To manage your condition, we strongly recommend keeping a portable diabetes kit for regular blood sugar treatment as well as emergencies. If you’d like to make a diabetic travel kit, keep reading to learn about our top five must-have items.

1. Blood Sugar Monitor

Keeping track of your blood sugar is a key element of diabetic safety, so we recommend keeping a blood sugar monitor on your person to do that. In addition, depending on the monitor you’re using, you may also need to keep a ready supply of test strips or lancets on hand.

2. Glucose Tablets or Snacks

If your blood sugar suddenly drops and you’re unprepared, the situation could very quickly become dangerous. However, if you have a way to quickly get your blood sugar levels back up to normal, you can resolve the issue without too much trouble. Glucose tablets are a quick and effective way to accomplish this, but you could also use quick, sweet snacks like juice boxes, raisins, or gummy candy. Just toss a few in your diabetic travel kit and you’ll be good to go!

3. Spare Insulin Pens

Spare insulin pens

Of course, if you have a way to bring your blood sugar up, you also need a way to bring it back down from a drastic spike. As such, you should always have one or several insulin pens in your diabetes bag. If your blood sugar monitor registers a spike, all you have to do is use one of the pens and continue on your way without too much of an interruption.

4. Your Medical ID

If an emergency happens to occur, first responders need to know how to help. To this end, you should always keep an up-to-date medical ID in your travel kit that lists each of your current conditions, medications, and other important notes for anyone attempting to administer treatment. It may also help to wear an accessory that indicates you have a medical condition, telling first responders to check your bag for a more detailed medical ID

5. Insulated Travel Bag

Diabetic travel kit

While keeping a diabetic emergency kit on your person is a great idea, there is the problem of how to keep insulin cold while traveling. Since insulin has to be kept cold to avoid spoiling, we recommend keeping a small insulated cooler in your diabetic travel case. This will keep the insulin safe and cool, ensuring that it’ll be effective when you need to use it.

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